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Pool winterizing Eastern CT

Preparing Your Pool for Winter in Eastern CT: A Guide by PoolMan Pools

As the colder months approach, it’s crucial to ensure your pool is winter-ready in Eastern CT. At PoolMan Pools, we understand the importance of proper winterization to protect your investment.

Clean and Balance Your Pool Water

Begin by cleaning your pool thoroughly to remove debris. Balance the water chemistry to prevent any damage during the winter months. PoolMan Pools recommends testing and adjusting the pH, alkalinity, and sanitizer levels.

Remove Pool Accessories

Take out all pool accessories, including ladders, toys, and floating devices. Cleaning and storing these items separately will prolong their lifespan and keep your pool area tidy during the winter.

Invest in a Quality Pool Cover

A durable pool cover is essential to protect your pool from leaves, debris, and harsh winter weather. PoolMan Pools suggests choosing a cover that fits snugly over your pool to prevent anything from seeping through.

Lower the Water Level

To avoid potential damage from freezing, lower the water level in your pool. PoolMan Pools recommends lowering it below the skimmer opening but above the jets. This helps prevent damage to your pool’s plumbing.

Winterize Your Pool Plumbing

Properly winterizing your pool’s plumbing is crucial in preventing costly damage. PoolMan Pools advises blowing out the pipes to remove any remaining water, using antifreeze in the lines if necessary, and sealing the skimmer and return lines.

Check and Maintain Pool Equipment

Inspect and maintain your pool equipment before winter sets in. This includes your pump, filter, and heater. PoolMan Pools recommends draining water from these components and storing them in a dry place.

Regular Inspections Throughout Winter

Even after winterizing, occasional inspections are vital. PoolMan Pools suggests periodically checking your pool cover for any damage and removing accumulated debris. This proactive approach ensures your pool remains in optimal condition.

For professional assistance in winterizing your pool in Eastern CT, contact PoolMan Pools at (860) 627-9773. Our experienced team is ready to help you safeguard your pool for the winter months ahead.

Pool winterizing Eastern CT – PoolManPools

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