Pool Openings and Closings

Let Us Handle Your Pool Opening and Closing Process

If you’re planning to close your pool down for the season, contact Poolman Pools of East Windsor for a FREE estimate.
Our pool closing services include winterizing of equipment, cleaning filter grids, blowing out the lines, winterizing chemicals, and placement of your cover.
Additionally, we can also open your pool back up for some fun in the sun!
Our Pool opening process includes:
  1. Remove, Clean and Store Your Pool Cover.
  2. Inspect and Clean Your Pool Filter.
  3. Reinstall Plugs.
  4. Prime Your Pool Pump and Filter.
  5. Test and Balance the Pool Water *.
  6. Shock Your Pool Water.
If you need our help with pool opening and closings, then please fill out our form below and we will get back to you within 24-hours.