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2019 Interior Pools Finishes™ Collection and Water Color Guide

The Interior Finishes™ are representational of actual material but are not an exact match. Always ask your dealer to see an actual sample of the Interior Finish™ you choose to make certain it meets your expectation.


Siesta Wave | White Diffusion
Bayview Slate | White Diffusion


Florentine | Blue Crystal
Boca | Blue Crystal
Sierra | Mosaic
Nautical Braid | Mosaic
Devonshire | Sandpebble
Rialto | Blue Diffusion
Zanzibar | Blue Diffusion
Regatta | Royal Seabrook
Mountain Top | Royal Seabrook
Mosaic Wave Borderless


Twilight | Sundance
Brussels | Sundance
Colorado | Sundance
Bethany Wave | Brilliant Bahama
Napa Estates | Brilliant Bahama
Blue Ridge Slate Embossed Borderless
Hudson | Plaza
Bourbon Street | Plaza
Gray Slate | Black Granite
Gray Granite Borderless
Sea Stone Marble Borderless


Natural Stone | Quartzite
Pedra Fe | Del Caribe
Slate Tile | Del Caribe
Amelia | Azure Mosaic
Sunburst | Azure Mosaic
Sandstone Borderless

Borderless Patterns & Impressions

Borderless Patterns

No interest in a tile design? No problem! Your floor pattern can extend all the way up the sidewall. The choice is yours!

Impressions – 27 mil

For your pool entry system, we offer “Impressions,” a textured slip-resistant print design built for added comfort and safety to this high-traffic area.*

*Impressions material hue may vary slightly in appearance.

Azure Mosaic
Del Caribe
Light Blue
White Diffusion
Blue Crystal
Blue Diffusion
Royal Seabrook
Black Granite
Brilliant Bahama
Blue Ridge Slate Embossed

Due to the nature of the material, and various pool angles, it is improbable that floor tiles or pattern repeats will align. This Water Color Guide is designed to give you an indication of the waters hue based on the interior finish you desire. However, the hue is subjective due to natural sunlight and the surrounding landscape which will affect the water color. Consult your dealer to choose the interior pool finish that will give you the results you are looking for.