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Pool Openings East Hartford CT

Pool Openings East Hartford CT

Are you searching for more information on pool openings in East Hartford CT? Check out Poolman Pools and schedule your opening today!  At Poolman Pools, we’ve been providing quality pool openings to our many customers in East Hartford, CT, and encompassing towns for years. Pool openings require several steps that must be executed correctly to guarantee that your pool is useable for the whole season. Keep reading as we discuss some of those important steps below.

Protect & Clean Your Pool Cover

Before anything else, you’ll need to clear all of the extra water sitting on top of your cover by using a sump pump. It is important to clean your cover entirely, fold it carefully and keep it in a location where it won’t need to be moved or unfolded. The easiest way to care for your cover is to lay it out totally flat, remove excess water and debris, and let it dry entirely. Be sure to loosely fold the cover so that it is protected against rips and cracks. Store your pool cover in a dry, cool place like a storage shed or garage.

Reconnect and Maintain All Pool Equipment

Once your cover is off and cleaned, you can reconnect all of the pool equipment and turn it on. If you removed any accessories from your pool like your ladder or handrails, you can reattach those now. Make sure that you lubricate all of your o-rings, hardware, and gaskets as you reconnect your equipment. A silicone lubricant is the best option for this. Lubricating will keep your equipment in good working order, and make your next pool closing a breeze.

Test & Balance The Water

An at-home test kit is the easiest way to test your water. We recommend testing the water before adding any chemicals so that you know which chemicals to add and how much. Once you have tested the various chemical levels, you can begin adding chemicals to your water to balance it.

Clean Your Pool & Shock The Water

Just because you used a pool cover, you won’t get away completely debris-free. Vacuuming your pool will not only clean it quickly, but it will save your filter from doing all the work. Additionally, a good scrub-down will remove any lingering algae spores that are stuck to the pool walls. After your pool is thoroughly cleaned, run your equipment overnight. Shocking your water is the last step, and your pool is good to go!

Thank you for checking out our new blog on pool openings in East Hartford, CT! We understand that the thought of opening your pool on your own can be daunting, which is why we offer comprehensive pool openings as part of our services! To schedule your pool opening, call us today at (860) 627-9773. You can also visit our website for more information on our services.


Pool Openings East Hartford CT

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