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Pool Openings Bloomfield CT

Pool Openings Bloomfield CT

If you are beginning the search for reliable pool openings in Bloomfield CT? Look no further than Poolman Pools! Call and schedule your opening today!  At Poolman Pools, we’ve been proudly offering complete pool openings to our many customers in Bloomfield, CT, and surrounding towns for years. Pool openings must be completed accurately to ensure that your pool can be used safely for the whole season. Let’s discuss some of the necessary steps involved with opening your pool below.

Clean & Store Your Pool Cover

When the time comes to open your pool, your cover will likely have some standing water on it. If you remove any excess water with a sump pump it will make removing your cover much easier! Be sure to give your cover a good scrub, fold it loosely, and store it in a location that is dry and cool.

Reconnect Your Pool Equipment

Next, reconnect all of your pool equipment and get it running. As you’re reconnecting, be sure to lubricate any o-rings, hardware, and gaskets with a silicone lubricant. This will prolong the life of your equipment, and make your next pool closing a simpler process. If you removed your pool ladder, handrails, or any other accessories, now it the time to reattach those.

Test Your Water & Balance It

Test your water using test strips or a complete at-home test kit. Testing your water first will let you know which chemicals to add to your pool water. Once you have completed a water test, you can begin adding chemicals to balance your water,

Clean Your Pool & Shock The Water

Even though you used a pool cover, some dirt, and debris will still find their way into your pool. Giving your pool a good vacuum will save your pool filter from doing extra work, and will clean it much faster. Be sure to give the pool walls, steps, and bottom a good scrub with a quality brush to remove any algae and bacteria that have formed over the winter months. We recommend letting your pool equipment run at least overnight while everything settles. After allowing your equipment to run, you can shock your pool water. Your pool is ready to go!

We appreciate you reading our latest blog on pool openings in Bloomfield, CT! At Poolman Pools, we proudly offer complete pool openings as part of our services! To schedule your pool opening, call us today at (860) 627-9773. You can also visit our website for further information on our services.


Pool Openings Bloomfield CT

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