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Pool Closings Windsor Locks CT

Pool Closings Windsor Locks CT

As Summer comes to an end, you may find yourself beginning to look for information on pool closings in Windsor Locks, CT. Poolman Pools has been servicing the Windsor Locks area and surrounding towns for over 40 years! It’s a well-known fact that closing your pool for winter is one of the most essential parts of owning a pool. Little missteps can cause some big issues when you try to open your pool again in the Spring. Ruined pool covers, costly plumbing and equipment fixes, hard-to-clean pool stains, and a prolonged pool opening period can all happen if your pool is closed incorrectly. At Poolman Pools, we make sure your pool is closed the correct way, the first time. Read on as we discuss the top 3 tips for closing your pool for the winter season!

1. Don’t Wait Until Freezing Temps To Close Your Pool

For residents of Windsor Locks CT, you know how quickly the cold can sneak up on you. By September 2nd this year, we know we can’t be the only ones who saw our breath as we stepped outside! As Autumn and consistent cold temps are approaching, now is the time to schedule your pool closing. Don’t wait until it gets below freezing at night, and schedule your closing now!

2. Clean equipment BEFORE closing!

It’s crucial to not put off cleaning your pool equipment until Spring! Cleaning beforehand will make re-opening your pool a breeze! Furthermore, it will prevent damage to your equipment such as chemical corrosion and scale buildup. Be sure to backwash your filters, or remove the cartridges. Additionally, moving pool equipment indoors will protect it from the winter weather. Don’t forget to turn off power circuits for the season!

3. Keep the cover clear!

Lastly, it is so important to keep your cover free from twigs, leaves, and other debris. Wet leaves can let dirty water slowly seep into the water. Any sharp sticks and twigs can puncture your cover and cause damage. It’s best to occasionally sweep of leaves and debris, or use a blower or ShopVac.

If you’re ready to get your pool closing scheduled, give us a call today at (860) 627-9773! Don’t risk missing steps and having a hard time re-opening your pool in the Spring. Contact us today and we will handle everything for you! Please visit our website for additional information!


Pool Closings Windsor Locks CT

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