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Pool Closings Bloomfield CT

Pool Closings Bloomfield CT

Unfortunately, the time is here to discuss pool closings in Bloomfield, CT. Thankfully, Poolman Pools can take care of this for you! Our team at Poolman Pools are experts at building pools, and maintaining them too! We have been serving Bloomfield and neighboring towns for years, and we would welcome the opportunity to tend to your pool too. Closing your pool properly is absolutely crucial to making sure that everything will be in good working order when you re-open it next season. To make re-opening your pool quick and simple, there are some important steps to consider as you close it down. Read on as we detail some of them!


Firstly, balancing your water will protect your pool and equipment from any corrosion. Using a test kit is a great way to make sure that the total alkalinity and pH levels are where they should be. A good rule of thumb is an alkalinity level between 80-120ppm and a pH level between 7.4-7.6. Furthermore, after balancing your water you should shock and chlorinate it. It is important to note, that shocking your pool will kill any lingering bacteria.


Secondly, since you won’t be using the pool for an extended period of time, you can remove all of the equipment too. We recommend taking out any floats, hoses, cleaners, ladders and rails, and skimmers. Thoroughly clean and dry them and store them in a dry place that will protect them from harsh weather. Furthermore, you can store your outdoor furniture to keep it from weathering.


Thirdly, lowering your water level is a crucial step! Lowering your water level will protect your pool from frostbite during freezing temperatures. We recommend bringing the water level down below the skimmer, by at least 4-6 inches if you have a vinyl-lined pool. If you have a concrete pool, plan to bring the water level down to the tile line.

Closing your pool can be a daunting process, especially if you’ve never done it before. Rest assured, that our team at Poolman Pools can handle the job for you! Save yourself the stress and let our professionals close down your pool correctly, and quickly. Give us a call today at (860) 627-9773 to schedule your appointment. Spots are filling up quickly and we don’t want you to miss out! Feel feel to visit our website for additional information!

Pool Closings Bloomfield CT

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